Who Are We?

We entered the sector in 1994 under the name of Fethi Yılmaz Machine. After manufacturing spare parts for machines serving many sectors, we entered the P.V.C Window sector and Roll Forming Machinery sector by producing P.V.C Reinforcement Steel Profile machine with our previous experience in 1995, We entered the sector by giving our first machine to the domestic market.

Fethi Yılmaz Roll Forming Machinery, continues its production in a closed area of 2000 m2, first in Çatalca and then in Beylikdüzü, after producing for many years in a 280 m2 production area in Bayrampaşa, the heart and starting point of the Turkish industry.

Fethi Yılmaz Roll Forming Machinery, which manufactures roll forming machines and offers turnkey solutions, addresses more than 20 sectors.

Fethi Yılmaz Roll Forming Machinery, which can respond to demands from all over the world with the most affordable cost and high quality, exports 80% of its products. It takes justified pride by having more than 630 production lines in more than 55 countries on 7 continents.

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Mission & Vision

  • Producing top quality machines providing 100% customer satisfaction
  • Providing spare parts and service opportunities all over the world
  • Being a solution partner at the most affordable prices
  • To create a staff of competent and expert personnel

  • To be one of the leading companies in Turkey and the World
  • Bringing innovations to the sector with R&D and P&D
  • To be a global brand